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NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1
NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale Waterproof IP68 NK-RS-A6-1

Blinking Solar Cat Eyes Blue Road Stud

Body material: Aluminum(GB-ADC12)+PC(Japan Brand) Power supply: USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel Battery: NI-MH1.2V/600MAH; Lithium battery3.2V/500MAH(Made in Japan); Resistance: >30T LED Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green Size: L125mm*W107mm*H26+50mm
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Product Description

These LED road studs are naturally charged by the sun.As soon as it starts getting dark the LED lights in the road stud come on automatically each night for up to 10 hours. They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light.

This led road stud lights can illuminate the expressway without a power grid. Each led road stud light contains its own solar collector and LED lights, and a microprocessor that manages the power supply, so that a few hours of sunlight can give them enough energy to illuminate for a few days.


NOKIN LED Road Stud Light For Sale


The Specification of led road stud light:

Body material Aluminum(GB-ADC12)+PC(Japan Brand)
Power supply USA Brand High Efficient Solar Panel
Battery NI-MH1.2V/600MAH(high temperature resistance, Made in China)
Lithium battery3.2V/500MAH(Made in Japan)
Water proof IP68
Visual distance >800m
Life span 2years for NI-MH battery;
5years for Lithium battery;
10years for super capacitor
Load capacity >30T(can be installed in the middle of road)
Size L125mm*W107mm*H26+50mm


Featurers of led road stud light:

– High brightness America brand led light with 100000 hours of working time.
– USA brand solar panel. 22% high conversion rate. Fast charge rate.
– Japan brand casting Al material. LED road stud bears more pressure.
– Most quality Epoxy resin glue to fix the solar stud, making sure of solar power charge.
– Philips PC board, safe and stable. Long time warranty for road stud reflectors.
– The leader of led road stud. Load capacity:>30T(can be installed in the middle of road)


Solar Road Stud Light


The advantage of these waterproof IP68 LED road studs is that they can also play an effective role in heavy rain, mist or fog. This LED road stud light for sale in NOKIN can be used in expressway, highway,freeways, urban road and other heavy traffic road.

Solar Cat Eyes Road Stud Blinking For Motorway

Solar road studs will start automatically to flash when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather. The bright flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drivers much earlier than conventional road studs. The base of this solar road stud is made of cast aluminum, and the surface is made of plastic spraying technology.

Aluminum Solar Cat Eye Road Stud Cost

Aluminum Flashing Led Solar Cat Eye Road Stud Price aluminum led solar cat eye road stud-LED Road Studs Ready to Ship. $10.00 - $10.60 / Piece. 2 Pieces Widely used led solar road stud flashing cat eye made by aluminum of good price. Ready to Ship. $14.50 - Quote Now NOKIN reflective road markers,reflective road 2018-11

Flashing Solar Cat Eyes Blue Road Spike-Nokin Solar Cat Eyes

Blinking Cat Eyes Road Stud Light For City Road With SpikeABS Plastic Material Solar Road Stud Driveway Marker Light Led Cat Eye Road Spike $5.48 - $5.80 / Piece 1 Piece Solar Pow

Blue Solar Cat Eyes Marker With Spike For Walkway

Blue Solar Cat Eyes Marker With Spike For Walkway. Road Marker Solar Cat Eyes For Walkway In USA. Solar Reflective Road Stud With Shank For Walkway-NOKIN Blinking Solar Road Marker Reflectors With 40 Tons . 4.Solar Cat eye road stud with shank on the bottom can fixed to the road by the anti-twist stem for stability. 7.The reflective road stud is h igh quality with competitive price. 2.The reflective road stud is made of ABS material and can bear capacity over 16 tons. 2021 Al Solar road.

blinking cat eye road stud with spike factory-NOKIN Road

Sep 6, 2022 · May 10, 2022 · Road Spike Solar Cat Eyes Price In Durban-Nokin Solar Cat Eyes super bright led flashing polycarbonate reflective cat eye solar road stud road spike for highway. Ready to Ship. $13.50-$14.50 / Piece. 10 Pieces (Min. Order) $9.63 /Piece Manufacturer supply lowest price led solar road stud synchronous Cat Eyes Reflective Safety.

Blinking Solar Cat Eyes Colorful Road Marker--NOKIN Solar

Blinking Solar Cat Eyes Colorful Road Marker SOLAR ROAD STUD Product Features: – Outdoor Durable Solar Traffic Lights Outdoor Stud Road Safety Markers 6 LED is a fully solar-powered, energy-efficient, and grid-independent solar light. – Highly-efficient Solar Panel has improved the Energy Conversion rate to shorten the charging time of the battery.

cat eyes solar road stud-Nokin Road Studs

Jan 17, 2018 · Percy Shaw (1890-1976) was an English inventor best known for inventing cat's eye road studs in 1934. Cat's eyes are the road reflectors which help drivers see the road in the fog or at night. In 1947, British Labor Junior Transport Minister Jim Callaghan introduced cat's eyes on British roads.

Solar Road Stud – A Way to Smart Highways - SolarSena

Apr 26, 2021 · What are solar road studs? Solar road studs are blinking solar-powered devices affixed on roads. As an alternative to the cat’s eye, they are road safety signs and help to ameliorate the attention of a driver. They work as isolated units and are not dependent on the power grid. During the day, they absorb sunlight and emit the stored energy at night.

Blinking Solar Cat Eyes Blue Road Marker-Nokin Solar Cat Eyes

Blinking Solar Cat Eyes Road Spike-Nokin Solar Cat EyesSolar Road Stud with Best Quality and Price - Grlamp S2/S3 Single-side solar road markers $2.5-$4.98/pcs. D4/D6 Double-sides

Cat's eye (road) - Wikipedia

A cat's eye or road stud is a retroreflective safety device used in road marking and was the first of a range of raised pavement markers. Description [ edit] Cat's eye glass body and principle of operation; back (left) face is mirror-coated The cat's eye design originated in the UK in 1934 and is today used all over the world.

Blue Motorway Solar Cat Eyes With Spike For Airport

Road Stud Solar Cat Eyes For Driveway In Durban-Nokin Solar . Solar Motorway Road Stud Raised For Tunnel-NOKIN Solar . High quality 40 ton solar warning light embedded underground road studs. $14.00 Hot selling road traffic safety LED solar road stud cat eye. Ready to Ship. $9.50 Round solar road stud with model 612/619.

Solar Road Stud Cat Eyes Flashing Light | Machinoworld

DESCRIPTION. Red solar road marker during the day solar panels absorb sunlight and glow through the LED at night to alert drivers to the contours of the road. Solar panel: 2V / 100MA mono crystalline silicon. Energy storage device: 1.2V / 600MAH high temperature nickel-metal hydride battery. Working time: standard light intensity, charging can work 72 hours a day, the battery is fully charged can work continuously for 100 hours or more.

Aluminum cat eye reflector solar road stud light

By contrast, our Solar Road Studs combine the use of retro-reflective strips with in-built high-intensity LEDs powered by harnessing free solar energy, resulting in a solution that delivers 10x greater visibility of the layout of the road ahead, so up to 900m.

Solar Cat Eyes Road Stud Flashing For Walkway

With a mono solar panel and high-quality Ni-MH battery, this solar cat’s eye road stud can automatically light up every night and automatically light off during the day. The warning effect is from the active light emission of the LED light source and the passive reflection of the reflector.

Quality Solar LED Road Studs & Solar Powered Road Studs

Product Name: Solar Road Stud Color: Blue Solar Panel: 2V/100MA Contact Now Rohs Certified IP65 Level Solar Powered Blinking Lights Long Orange Product Name: Solar Cat Eyes Light Size: 140*86*160mm Color: Orange Contact Now Outdoor 600MAH 5mm LED Solar Powered Warning Lights NI-MH Battery Housing Material: ABS

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